We offer commercial, industrial or utility-scale energy storage with an optimal return on investment.

Why not monetise your assets through new revenue streams, increased asset utilisation, improved yield and reduced operating costs?

At Pacific Green Energy Storage Technologies, we combine European engineering, procurement and construction expertise with high-quality supply chains to deliver scalable and cost-effective battery projects. As a global clean energy project developer, we can bring you the latest battery systems created around your specific design and market applications.  


Renewable Integration 

Maximize renewable integration and the utilization of the energy generated from photovoltaics, wind turbines and other forms of intermittent generation. 


Transmission & Distribution

Defer upgrades, relieve congestion, control voltage, provide reserves and ancillary services, and improve reliability with backup power and black-start functionality. 

solar PV factory roof

Energy Costs

Mitigate commercial and industrial end-users demand charges, optimize differential (time-of-day) energy prices and benefit from the optimization of onsite PV generation. 

hydrogen microgrid


Create resilient and flexible grids by locally integrating renewable and thermal generation and providing resilience for hydrogen generation. 

diesel engine

Island Optimization

Reduce reliance on diesel and other liquid fuels by enabling renewables to be used for more hours of the day. Enable diesel engines to run more efficiently and less often, reducing overall reliance on fuel oils and lowering the associated costs. 

Marine Energy Storage

Benefit from a self-contained battery system that can be retrofitted or added to new vessels for hybrid power, offering improved performance with lower energy costs and carbon emissions. Our containerized systems come as an all-in-one drop-in solution.  

Grid at sunset

The Pacific Green Approach

Pacific Green Energy Storage Technologies delivers industry leading expertise gained from the deployment of hundreds of megawatts of capacity globally. Wherever you are in the world, we can provide a full review and consultancy service to assess your requirements, deliver a full implementation and commissioning service, and make sure you benefit from fully automated, trouble-free operation with one of the most advanced battery systems on the market. Talk to us now about: 

  • Evaluating your battery return on investment.
    We’ll help you identify applications that can drive value and deliver a quicker payback on your capital outlay.

  • Delivering fast, effective installation and commissioning.
    Once you’ve chosen the right system for your business, we’ll install the battery, enclosure and control software on a turnkey basis.

  • Guaranteeing trouble-free operation.
    We offer the latest in battery technology coupled with a range of system-level guarantees, giving you absolute peace of mind.  

About Us

Whether you are a utility looking to defer a transmission network upgrade or an industrial player seeking to reduce your energy costs, our battery systems can offer you a rapid return on investment.

With Pacific Green Energy Storage Technologies, you get a fully guaranteed turnkey installation and a complete range of service options.

Self service

We deliver your fully integrated energy storage project on a turnkey basis, with helpdesk support, and you take care of day-to-day operations and maintenance. 

Basic service

After installation, you benefit from a round-the-clock monitoring service and reactive maintenance with agreed performance guarantees. 

Full service

We take care of all of your preventive and reactive maintenance, operating your asset round the clock for the best possible availability and return on investment.  

Our Services

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